Patchwork Blackbox Air

Product Specifications

Android Tablet

  • Bright 7” LCD Display

  • High accuracy, durable touch screen

  • Micro SD storage card slot

  • Rechargeable battery (via USB)

  • WiFi (802.11 b/g/n) and Bluetooth connectivity


  • 10hz GLONASS and DGPS receiver

  • Bluetooth (2.0) connectivity

  • Plug and Play for Immediate Set-Up

  • Operates from 12v vehicle power supply

  • USB port for charging device

AIR App Software Features

  • Area Measurement

  • Field boundary measurement and auto detection

  • Field recognition

  • Store Farm/Fields and Boundaries

  • Straight and Curved 3D Guidance modes

  • Tilt correction (Uses device’s built in accelerometer)

AIR+ Features*

  • Includes all the features of the AIR App

  • Auto coverage recording

  • Headland Guidance

  • Pause / Resume job

  • Tracking (With Mobile Internet)

Download Patchwork Air Datasheet