Key Features

Dust and 

With an enclosure rated at IP67 the scout is ideal for working in harsh environments 


The Scout is configured remotely in the farm office, continually recording and sensing without any operator input.


With an array sensor inputs the Scout can be fitted to detect switch status, as well as Pulse and Voltage values.

Product Specifications

Scout Hardware
  • 10hz GPS receiver (WAAS, EGNOS and GLONASS)

  • 3G Modem

  • 2x Pulse Sensors

  • 2x Analogue 0 – 15 v Sensors

  • 2x Switch Input Sensors

  • 12v and 5v supply for external sensor modules

Autonomous APP 
  • Autonomous operation without the need for human interaction

  • Automatic sensing of fields using provided field boundaries

  • Automatically changing jobs based on detected field

  • Recording of work done using the external on/off sensor

  • Recording of pulses e.g. sprayer/spreader application rate.

  • Recording of voltage e.g. pressure sensor or battery voltage.

Free Android Tracking APP

  • Flow Measurement

  • Flow Control

  • Actuator Control

  • Belt Control

  • Software upgrades :- Variable Rate, Section Control, Auto Shut Off, Headland Control, Guidance and Recording


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